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Decatur TX Bail Bonds and Warrants Lifted

Our Decatur Bail Bonds Office services all jails within the jurisdiction of Wise County. While a few of the cities in Wise County have their own jails to perform arraignments, the majority of the city police departments bring defendants to the Decatur/Wise County Jail for processing and arraignment.

The only time that a defendant will remain in the city jails, is if the defendant has been arrested for Class C Warrants. Anything that is a Class B Misdemeanor or higher will require arraignment from a magistrate, which is done at the County jail.

All criminal bonds in Wise County require an original signature of the defendant for posting. If the defendant is in any local jail the defendant will be arraigned at those city jails. For posting a bond, the bail agent must travel to these jails, obtain defendant signature on the bond and bring the bond back to the Wise County Sheriff’s office for posting.

When cosigning or “Indemnifying” a bail bond for defendants in these cities, it is sometimes faster to meet the bail agent at that particular jail to do the paperwork while the bail agent acquires the defendant’s signature for the bonds.

No matter where the defendant is and where the cosigner is, Bustin Out Bail Bonds will go where necessary to expedite the quickest possible release for the defendant.

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Austin Roberts – Wise County Manager

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