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Most Common Crimes in Trophy Club, Texas

Trophy Club, Texas is a fairly safe town with incidents of crime that are dramatically lower than the averages for both the State of Texas and the United States. Criminal activity has also decreased steadily since 2010 when incidents of many crimes hit a particular...

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The Worst Crime Ever Committed in Justin, TX

The worst crime ever committed in Justin, Texas was one directly connected to one of the most well-known historical facts about the town. In 1848, there was a group of French settlers who were moving into Justin to start their own intentional community, planning on...

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The History of the Denton Jail

On February 6th, 2012, celebrity and country music singer, Randy Travis, was arrested for public intoxication by Denton County police and spent time in the Denton County jail. The Denton County Jail, located near Lewisville, Texas, has held a diverse population of...

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Denton County Jailer Fired

An investigation into police brutality in Denton, Texas has resulted in the jailer losing his job. An Internal Affairs investigation found that the jailer identified as Darious Porter used excessive force by committing a leg sweep on Jason Wayne Bishop, a suspect...

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