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We service all North Texas jails and are licensed to write bail in Denton and Tarrant Counties in the State of Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bail

If you or someone you care about has been arrested recently, then the chances are high that they’re going to have to spend some time in jail. If you’ve never dealt with this type of situation before, then understanding what to do about it can be a real challenge. To help people get a better understanding of how the bail process works, our team at Bustin Out Bail Bonds decided to spend a little time going over some of the most commonly asked questions.

What IS a Bail Bond?

A bail is a form of written promise – also known as a bond – that is established between an individual and the court. A bail bond is a way for a person to be released from jail while waiting for their court date instead of spending the time behind bars. It is important to remember that anyone who chooses NOT to show up for their court date will deal with a variety of problems including a total forfeiture of the amount paid to the courts for bail along with a new arrest warrant.

How Much Do These Bonds Cost?

The answer to this question varies on how you’re choosing to post bail. If you’re handling bail on your own, then the cost varies dramatically depending on the type of crime and specific circumstances of the arrest. When working through a bail bond agent (which is highly recommended) then the cost will be about 10% of the total bail amount. Keep in mind that when working with a bail bond agent, the amount you pay will NOT be returned once the case has been settled in court.

What are Bond Agents?

Bond Agents are licensed professionals who work with individuals to take care of the bail process. By paying a specific fee to a bail bond company, you can have them take over the process of handling paperwork and negotiation with the courts while also submitting the total amount of bail on your behalf based on the agreement that you will appear for your assigned court dates properly. It is important to know that in situations where a person does not appear for their court date, the bail company will risk forfeiting their bond payment, and so will make every possible effort to locate a person and return them to the courts.

How Fast Does Bail Work?

The process depends entirely on how quickly you contact a professional bail bond company for assistance. Other factors that are involved in the release process include the specific circumstances you were arrested under along with the assessment of the courts regarding your case. While experienced agents can typically give you a general time estimate based on your crimes, it is always important to expect to experience some delays if there are additional concerns or complications associated with your case.

What Information is Required?

The more detailed and honest you are when it comes to securing a bail bond, the easier and swifter the process will be overall. Providing your name, address, and employment information along with other important contact details is essential when it comes to securing a bail bond. If you try to provide false information or refuse to reveal specific details that are needed as part of  the process, then your chances of securing a release from jail will be reduced greatly. 

What Happens if I Can’t Afford Bail?

If you’re having trouble with the financial burden of bail, then your best option is to work with a bail bonds company. Our team offers a variety of payment options, and in some cases, payment plans can be arranged to make sure you’re able to cover the costs of bail over time. Speaking with a member of our bail bonds agency is the best way to get a better understanding of your options based on your specific situation.

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