Trophy Club, Texas is a fairly safe town with incidents of crime that are dramatically lower than the averages for both the State of Texas and the United States. Criminal activity has also decreased steadily since 2010 when incidents of many crimes hit a particular high. Seriously violent crimes such as murder, assault and rape are extremely rare in Trophy Club.

Theft and Robbery

Theft is by far the most common crime in Trophy Club. In 2012, there were a total of 71 thefts reported. While it is still lower than many averages for Texas, the rates of theft in Trophy Club were almost seven times higher than the next most common crime of burglary. Thefts also tend to be the most common crimes found anywhere because they are usually minor crimes. For a crime to be considered a theft, the perpetrator must not use force. If force is used to obtain the stolen item, then the crime is robbery. Common examples of theft that might occur in Trophy Club include shoplifting or pickpocketing.

The penalties for theft can depend on several factors. The most important factor is the amount stolen. Any stolen items are assigned a value used to determine the penalty. Age is a secondary factor. A minor convicted of theft or larceny may be given a lesser charge. Any theft under $1,500 is considered a misdemeanor. Any theft over $1,500 is thus considered a felony. Penalties can include fines or jail time.

Robbery is a more serious offense that is closely related to theft but includes the use of force to obtain the item. This could carry with it other offenses. For example, if a weapon was used as a means of coercion, then a charge such as threatening with a deadly weapon could apply. If the perpetrator attacked the victim and caused bodily harm in the process of the theft, then an assault charge may also apply.


Burglary is the second most common crime in Trophy Club. There were a total of 11 burglaries reported in 2012. Burglary should not be confused with theft or robbery. A burglary is the act of breaking into a building or residence with the intent to commit any crime while inside. The most common crime associated with burglary is theft, but it can be any crime that is classified as a felony. The key to having a crime considered a burglary is to show the intent to commit another crime as the reason for breaking and entering. If a person enters a building unlawfully and happens to commit a crime while inside, but not intent to commit that crime before entering the building can be proven, then that person likely will not be convicted of burglary. They would only be convicted of whatever crime they committed while inside the building.

Compared to the rest of the State of Texas, Trophy Club is a very safe community. Property crimes do occur,and consist mostly of theft and burglary, but they are far below average. Violent crimes rarely occur. The town also provides weekly crime reports on its website.