Largest Bail Bond in Fort Worth History

The largest bail in Fort Worth history award goes to Celeste Marie Beard.

Prosecutors for the State of Texas asked the judge to not set any bail. Beard countered with a plea that would allow her to get a bail bond for $50,000. Unfortunately for Mrs. Beard the judge considered her a flight risk and set the bail at 8 million dollars figuring she would never be able to get out.

What many people don’t know is that a Texas judge can set bail at an “reasonable” amount. That’s a problem for someone trying to get a bail bond because “reasonable” is open to interpretation, and once bail is set the burden is on the excused to prove its excessive.

Why Did a Woman Get the Largest Bail?

Fort Worth Largest Bail Ever Winner Celeste Beard

The largest bail in Fort Worth history went to convicted murderess Celeste Beard for killing her millionaire husband.

The reason Beard got the largest bail ever is because she was believed to have means to pay for her bail bond because she murdered her millionaire husband. Also, the judge believed the evidence against Mrs. Beard to be overwhelming.

Evidence Resulting in the Largest Bail Bond

On October 2nd, 1999 Celeste Beard’s millionaire husband, Steven Beard, was shot in his bedroom of their home, but he didn’t die that night. It was almost four months later before he died from his wounds.

Beard told police she didn’t know who might have shot her husband. Officer Rick Wines testified Beard initially refused permission for the police to search her home, but later changed her mind. She was also reluctant to permit officers to question Steven Beard in the hospital’s intensive care unit on the day after the shooting. Steven Beard, who was unable to speak due to tubes in his mouth and throat died without the police getting the chance to question him.

In 2003, Celeste Beard was found guilty of capital murder of her husband Steven Beard and received a mandatory life sentence, eligible for parole in 2043. Despite her conviction, she maintains her innocence and denies everything said against her. Her case will go down in the record books as having the largest bail set in Fort Worth ever.

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Most Common Crimes in Trophy Club, Texas

Trophy Club, Texas is a fairly safe town with incidents of crime that are dramatically lower than the averages for both the State of Texas and the United States. Criminal activity has also decreased steadily since 2010 when incidents of many crimes hit a particular high. Seriously violent crimes such as murder, assault and rape are extremely rare in Trophy Club.

Theft and Robbery

Theft is by far the most common crime in Trophy Club. In 2012, there were a total of 71 thefts reported. While it is still lower than many averages for Texas, the rates of theft in Trophy Club were almost seven times higher than the next most common crime of burglary. Thefts also tend to be the most common crimes found anywhere because they are usually minor crimes. For a crime to be considered a theft, the perpetrator must not use force. If force is used to obtain the stolen item, then the crime is robbery. Common examples of theft that might occur in Trophy Club include shoplifting or pickpocketing.

The penalties for theft can depend on several factors. The most important factor is the amount stolen. Any stolen items are assigned a value used to determine the penalty. Age is a secondary factor. A minor convicted of theft or larceny may be given a lesser charge. Any theft under $1,500 is considered a misdemeanor. Any theft over $1,500 is thus considered a felony. Penalties can include fines or jail time.

Robbery is a more serious offense that is closely related to theft but includes the use of force to obtain the item. This could carry with it other offenses. For example, if a weapon was used as a means of coercion, then a charge such as threatening with a deadly weapon could apply. If the perpetrator attacked the victim and caused bodily harm in the process of the theft, then an assault charge may also apply.


Burglary is the second most common crime in Trophy Club. There were a total of 11 burglaries reported in 2012. Burglary should not be confused with theft or robbery. A burglary is the act of breaking into a building or residence with the intent to commit any crime while inside. The most common crime associated with burglary is theft, but it can be any crime that is classified as a felony. The key to having a crime considered a burglary is to show the intent to commit another crime as the reason for breaking and entering. If a person enters a building unlawfully and happens to commit a crime while inside, but not intent to commit that crime before entering the building can be proven, then that person likely will not be convicted of burglary. They would only be convicted of whatever crime they committed while inside the building.

Compared to the rest of the State of Texas, Trophy Club is a very safe community. Property crimes do occur,and consist mostly of theft and burglary, but they are far below average. Violent crimes rarely occur. The town also provides weekly crime reports on its website.

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The Worst Crime Ever Committed in Justin, TX

The worst crime ever committed in Justin, Texas was one directly connected to one of the most well-known historical facts about the town. In 1848, there was a group of French settlers who were moving into Justin to start their own intentional community, planning on governing themselves based on the idealistic beliefs all in the group shared. These settlers were part of the Icarian movement and were led by Etienne Cabet.

During the journey to Justin, many of the travelers died due to the usual consequences of arduous travel during the time period: cholera, typhoid, and fever, among other afflictions. However, one of the least known stories about the French Icarians was that one of the families participating in the journey was murdered by a small group of Native American warriors. The Native American warriors most likely mistakenly identified the group of travelers as that of a group who had recently passed through and kidnapped some of the tribe’s members to be sold into slavery. As it stands, the brutal torture and murder of the five member family on their journey to start their brand new life is the darkest tale that colors the past of the small Texas town.

The Cartwright family, while not French, had heard of the Icarian movement and desperately wanted to take part in the exciting vision of interdependence and equality that the philosophy promised. The family was made up of the husband and father, Johnathan, his wife and the mother to his children, Martha, and their three young children, Philip, James, and Bertha. Philip was the oldest at nine years old, and Bertha was the youngest, aged four years old. The Cartwright family had been traveling with the Icarians across three states, and were anxious to finally settle in Justin. Sadly, however, the Cartwrights never got to see their vision of utopia come to fruition.

On the third night of camping on the land that the Icarians had purchased prior to arrival, in the middle of the night, a group of approximately eight Native American warriors descended upon the family. It was never determined why the Cartwright family was singled out for the attack, but other families traveling with them surely felt blessed that they were not slaughtered in a similarly brutal fashion.

The father, Johnathan, was likely killed first. His head was cleanly scalped, as well as being fully removed from its body. His wife Martha was found with multiple lacerations, and it has been theorized that the cuts were made with an arrow being used as a precision melee weapon. However, the true horror of the attack was inflicted on the couple’s children. The two sons were scalped as their father was, and tragically both boys were beheaded as well. The discovery of little Bertha’s corpse was shocking. It seemed that she had been tortured by being burned with lit sticks, as well as having her limbs severed. The group of Native American warriors were never brought to justice for their crimes.

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The History of the Denton Jail

On February 6th, 2012, celebrity and country music singer, Randy Travis, was arrested for public intoxication by Denton County police and spent time in the Denton County jail. The Denton County Jail, located near Lewisville, Texas, has held a diverse population of prisoners over the last century. From the names of criminals most people have never heard to famous celebrities, the Denton County jail has been a storage facility for all types of malefactors, a fact that contributes to the institutions lengthy and rich historical contribution as a noteable landmark of the great state of Texas.

The Origin Of Denton County

The story of Denton County, home of the Denton County Jail, begins in the middle of the 1800’s, when the Peters Colony, received a land grant from the then known Texas Congress. The Peters Colony, sometimes refered to as the Texian Land and Immigration Company, was a group composed of investors, which included both English and American business men among its ranks. The land grant, issued to the Peters Colony in 1841, encompassed some 1,400 square miles, a plot of land located south of the Red River. Included within this alotted space, the county of Denton was established, being formed in 1846 and named after John Bunyan Denton. John Denton was a local preacher, who also served as a Texas Ranger. He was also noted for his role as an Indian fighter, who died near Arlington, having been killed in the battle of village Creek. Also in 1846, Pinckneyville was established as the seat of government, but within ten years time, this seat of government was moved to Denton.

The Five Denton County Detention Facilities

Since the late 1800’s, Denton County has been home to five different county jails.

Beginning in 1861, the first jail constructed for use in Denton County was a two story dungeon style facility that was located at the intersection of North Locust Street and McKinney, such that both of the structure’s stories were kept above ground. The original Denton County Jail did not have an access way to the bottom story at ground level. Rather, entry was made into the first level, where prisoners were detained, through a trap door in the floor of the second level. The construction of the original Denton County Jail was made from hewn logs, layered three logs thick, and heavily barred twelve inch windows. The jail later burned in 1867, leaving Denton County without a prisoner storage facility, forcing Denton law enforcement to utilize the jails of neighboring counties.

An incident in 1868 of a Sheriff being held up by an armed gang and forced to let a prisoner go during transport, lead to the construction of the second Denton County jail in 1870. The second jail was a two story sand stone structure, which was located on the east side of the courthouse square. Unfortunately, this second jail was inadequate, being both too small and too insecure to house prisoners.

In 1878, the third Denton County jail was built to replace the second facility. This jail was a one story building, constructed at 402 North Elm Street.

In 1891, the fourth Denton County jail was built, the construction of the newer facility being a two story structure made of brick and stone. This facility remained until the 1960’s.

In 1964, the fifth Denton County Jail was built and has remained as the county’s main prisoner storage facility to present day, located at 127S Woodrow Lane.

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Denton County Jailer Fired

An investigation into police brutality in Denton, Texas has resulted in the jailer losing his job. An Internal Affairs investigation found that the jailer identified as Darious Porter used excessive force by committing a leg sweep on Jason Wayne Bishop, a suspect accused of public intoxication. The investigation found that Porter acted outside of the acceptable use of force according to the police department’s guidelines.

Original Arrest

Events surrounding the case began early on Saturday, July 19, 2014. The 38-year-old Bishop was arrested by Officer Clinton Webb on Fry Street, near the Pita Pit and Crooked Crust, and police allege that he was publicly intoxicated. Public intoxication is a Class C misdemeanor according to the city’s laws. Although Bishop admits to having consumed vodka before the cops approached him, he claims to have been drinking a Pita Pit Raspberry Sprite at the time that he was arrested.

Police Confrontation

At the city jail, Bishop followed advice given to him by an attorney during a previous free consultation. Bishop says that he was warned not to sign anything that the police gave him because it could be used against him later. Police allege that Bishop also engaged in verbal confrontation towards Porter during the jailing process, and they claim that Bishop refused to follow what they described as basic instructions. Bishop was carried to his cell by Porter and another jailer identified as Spandan Desai. The department alleges that Porter began a take-down maneuver at this time, during which he committed the leg sweep.


The leg sweep resulted in Bishop hitting his head on the concrete of his cell. Porter attempted to stop the bleeding, according to police reports, until the medics arrived to treat Bishop’s injuries. Medics took Bishop out of the jail on a stretcher and transported him to the hospital. Officer Rynan Grelle, who serves as a spokesman for the department, says that Bishop did sign a ticket at the hospital so that he could obtain medical treatment and not have to return to the jail. Bishop alleges that he continues to suffer from vision damages resulting from the incident.

Social Media Awareness

After being released from the hospital, friends of Bishop uploaded a YouTube video that clearly demonstrated the extent of his injuries. This video was the beginning of the “Justice for Jason” campaign that has become popular on many social media websites. Students at the UNT campus have been particularly active in the campaign, and Bishop claims that thousands of strangers have contacted him through the social media campaign to offer their support.

Police Department’s Response

The police department initially placed Porter on paid suspended leave while they conducted their investigation. When contacted during the investigation, the department was quick to point out Bishop’s lengthy past arrest record with the department. Ultimately, their investigation concluded at the end of July and found that Porter was the only officer who had used excessive force. All other officers in the case were cleared of any wrong-doing.

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Do You Need Hurst Bail Bonds?

Do you have a friend or a loved one in jail, and are you looking for a way to post bail and get them out quickly? The whole system can be very frustrating if you simply do not have the money to post bail. They could spend days in prison even if they are not guilty of a crime, just because they were arrested. You need to get them out as soon as you can, and the best way to do it is to use Hurst bail bonds. With this program, you get the money that you need now, and that money is paid back to you when your friend or relative goes to court.

Why Does Bail Exist?
To understand why the whole bail bonds business exists, you need to know why bail was established in the first place. Basically, it is just a way for the judge to ensure that the person is going to show up for their court date. If they can post the determined amount, the person will be free to go until their trial; after all, they are not a criminal unless they are convicted. They should be free to go so that they can plan their defense and live in peace, especially if they did not do anything wrong.

The problem with just letting people go is that some criminals would run as soon as they got out of jail, never to be seen again. If there was no bail, what was to keep them from leaving the state or even the country? They did not have anything to lose. The bail system means that every accused person who has not yet been to trial has a reason to return to court for that trial: To get the money and pay off the loan.

The Judge Decides
One interesting thing about the whole Hurst bail bonds system is that the judge gets to decide how much bail will be set at for each person. What if it is set at a level that is far too high for you to pay out of your pocket? Are you just going to leave your relative or friend in jail until the trial, which could be weeks or even months away? You do not want to do this, so you need a quick, easy loan that you can use to pay the bail, a loan that will be your friend’s ticket to freedom.

Paying Back the Loan
While taking out a bail bond may seem rather frightening – after all, it can be a lot of money – you can have confidence in the fact that the court will give all of the money back when the alleged criminal arrives for the trial. You can then turn around and pay the loan off with that money, plus a bit of interest that is charged because of the convenience of being able to borrow the cash that you need. You never have to come up with all of the money on your own.

The best companies will also offer you payment plans so that you can set up affordable monthly payments. They will do everything in their power to make the process easy and painless for you. The low rates help to keep the monthly payments down, so this is the best way to borrow bail money.

Who Should You Contact?
Do you want to learn more about how this whole process works, or are you looking for the best company in the business today, the company that can give you bail bonds quickly and efficiently, regardless of the case? If so, you need to get in touch with Bustin Out Bail Bonds. You can visit their site at to learn more or you can call them with your questions. They have people standing by to talk with you 24/7, so do not hesitate to call at any time of day.

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What You Should Know About Bail Bonds Bedford

Any Bedford resident that has been incarcerated and charged with a crime will want to get bail bonds Bedford as soon as possible. Bail enables a person to stay out of jail for the duration of the trial and thankfully it is not hard to obtain. Following is an overview of how the bail process works and what a person has to do in order to post bail.

After a person has been arrested and formally charged, he or she will be given a court date. At this time one’s lawyer will request that bail be granted and in most cases the judge will grant this request. Furthermore, the judge is not legally permitted to set an unrealistic bail. Bail is not meant to be a fine or a punishment; instead, it is more like a down payment that ensures that a person will stay in town for the duration of the trial.

As soon as bail has been set, a person can call a bail bonds company and have the company post bail on his or her behalf. There are numerous bail bonds companies to choose from and all of them are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, it is worth noting that some are better than others. Those who are looking for a fast, efficient company that does not treat its clients like criminals may want to consider working with Bustin’ Out Bail Bonds.

Bustin’ Out Bail Bonds is not only open at all hours of the day and night but is always staffed by actual bondsmen. This means that a person who calls or visits the office will be able to immediately speak to an experienced professional. The company provides bail for all types of misdemeanors and felonies and makes it easy for anyone to get needed cash on hand by giving instant credit approval for most types of bonds. Furthermore, Bustin’ Out Bail Bonds offers flexible payment plan options for repaying the bail money.


It is important to note that a person does not have to repay the full bail sum. As was noted above, bail is a deposit with the court, not a fine. If a person shows up in court, then the bail money will be returned to the bail bondsman, no matter what the outcome of the trial. A defendant only needs to pay a bail bondsman the fee for obtaining the loan, which usually comes to about 10% of one’s total bail.

However, a defendant who leaves town and/or breaks his or her bail conditions will automatically forfeit the bail and will therefore need to repay this money to the bail bondsman. Anyone who co-signed the loan and put up property or valuables in order to secure the loan will then lose the collateral in question.

Further Obligations

Bail bondsmen do more than simply provide money for a person to get out of jail. They also take on the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that a person shows up in court at the appointed time. A person who has been released on bail is legally obligated to provide the bail bondsman with his or her address and phone number. The bail bonds company then uses this information to update a person regarding the date of one’s court appearance.

Getting bail bonds Bedford is not difficult, as most people are permitted to post bail while they wait for their trial. However, the process of posting bail can be easy or complicated depending on which bail bonds company a person chooses to work with. Bustin’ Out Bail Bonds has a reputation for being fast, efficient and easy to work with. The company understands that not every person who has been arrested is necessarily a criminal and makes it easy for friends and loved ones to secure a person’s release from jail. A person who has been arrested can also contact the company directly and secure bond without outside help.

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Find The Best Company For Bedford Bail Bonds

When you find yourself locked up in jail, there are certainly many things that will be going through your mind. Of course, one of your primary concerns will be how to get out of jail as quickly as possible. Regardless of the circumstances that landed you in jail, if you are given an opportunity to post bail, there are certainly options when it comes to Bedford bail bonds. Fortunately, even though you are facing some difficult decisions and other concerns, Bustin Out Bail Bonds can at least get you out of jail and help you understand the bail bond process.

One of the most difficult things for most people is to be in a situation where they are in jail and unable to take care of important matters. Whether you are a parent and need to be home for your children or you have a job that is essential for the well-being of your family, making sure that you get your bail bond quickly will play a major factor in how other aspects of your life play out. After all, if you are like most people, you certainly do not want to miss work and have to explain to your employer that you were in jail.

While you will have a variety of options for Bedford bail bonds, it is important to choose a company with a solid reputation of providing quality service. You might be facing legal problems, but your bail bond company should treat you with respect. Whether you need help navigating the bail bond process or you need to post bail and get out of jail, choosing the right company can help ensure your release happens as quickly as possible.

Bustin Out Bail Bonds has offices serving both Denton County, as well as Tarrant County, Texas. The Denton office is located at 312 Audra Lane, in Denton; the Tarrant County office is located at 521 North Riverside Drive in Fort Worth, Texas. With two offices serving numerous cities throughout the area, Bustin Out Bail Bonds has experience processing bonds in all of the area’s local jails.

After your arraignment, if bail is an option, securing the necessary funds should not be a problem. If you do not have the financial resources to meet your bail and you are unable to raise the money needed to secure your release, a professional bail bond company is the best solution. Waiting for a trial or sentencing can be a lengthy process, you certainly do not want to spend your time in jail if it is not necessary.

Securing a bail bond can help you get out of jail so that you can take care of your legal problems most effectively. Additionally, when you are not in jail, you can think more clearly because you will not have the added duress of being incarcerated. However, when you want to get out quickly, an experienced bail bond company is crucial. They will have experienced staff who know how the process works and who can navigate the various procedures at whatever jail you have been incarcerated.

A professional bail bond company will be able to work through the process quickly and efficiently, making sure that everything is in order for your release. Some companies have the trained staff with the expertise to ensure nothing is left to chance. When you want to get out of jail quickly, it is important to work with a bail bondsman who understands your circumstances. They will answer the phone promptly, help you with your bail bond and take care of the necessary paperwork.

It can be difficult to find the best bail bond company, especially if you are already in jail and don’t have the time and freedom to explore a wide variety of options. Fortunately, if you are locked up in Bedford or the surrounding area, Bustin Out Bail Bonds offers the very best in bail bond services. From prompt, courteous attention to your problem to answering all of your questions, the right bail bond company will be there for you.

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Make Your First Call To Bail Bonds Keller

Your attorney can inform you of your legal rights, but he cannot help you get out of jail.  This is why you should call Bail Bonds Keller if you are arrested.

Your freedom and peace of mind are important to BustinOutBailBonds.  As we know these factors greatly contribute to your ability to approach whatever is ahead of you, you will be out of jail as quickly as possible.  Without any long waiting periods or unnecessary complications, you can walk out the door and go home.

Some people have misconceptions about bail bonds, and remain in jail rather than asking for help.  One misconception is a person must be wealthy in order to afford bail bonds.  In most instances, there are other options.  You may be eligible for an instant credit approval, and an easy payment arrangement.  You do not need to sit in jail simply because you do not have an impressive income.

A second common misconception is that it takes a long time to find bondsmen, and that it is a complicated process.  When you approach Bail Bonds Keller, you will find this is not true at all.  There is someone to take your call at any time of the day or night.  Even if you are arrested on a holiday or late at night, you will have immediate assistance.

If you are unable to make the call yourself, a friend or family member can do it for you.  Whether you are ill, injured, or simply too stressed after being arrested, it does not mean you must stay in jail until you can make a call.  If your loved one has the information needed by Bail Bonds Keller, he can do it for you.

Helping customers get released from jail as quickly as possible is our goal.  Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony charge, your freedom can make quite a difference.  When you are in the comfort and safety of your own home, you will be able to focus on everything you need to do to win your case.  You can discuss your situation confidentially with your attorney, and spend quality time with your family.

For most people, spending time in jail is counterproductive.  You will not benefit in any way when you have the stress of being locked up, and being in a horrible environment.  If you are in jail, you are unable to think about anything else.  You may worry about being harmed by other inmates, or be embarrassed over getting arrested.

You can have the break you need and deserve.  When you make your first call to Bail Bonds Keller, you will receive a courteous response and immediate assistance.  Regardless of the charge against you, being out of jail is the first step in dealing with it.  From the security of your home, you can have the support of your loved ones, and the ability to speak privately with your attorney.  When you are out of jail, you can face your court date and the future with confidence.

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